The Barnstable Bracelet™ represents a piece of history unique to each of the seven villages of Barnstable, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Each village was renowned for a particular trade, which created its individual character.

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Barnstable- The Fluke or Whale Tail represents whaling in Barnstable Harbor and Sandy Neck. Shore whaling began in the late 1600’s, when whales often became stranded. Farmers would leave their fields and rush to the beaches to profit from whale blubber for oil, used for lighting. Later whaling was continued off ships. Ironically, whales are still big business with whale watching boats out of Barnstable Harbor.

West Barnstable- The West Barnstable Brick Co. operated from 1878-1933, and turned out 100,000 bricks per day. Only one out of every 100 or 200 was embossed W. Barnstable Brick Co. The bricks are now considered a collector’s item.

Centerville- The first Cranberry Scoop, was invented by Daniel Lumbert of Centerville, in the 1850’s. Originally called a snap scoop, it was bought by Abel Makepeace and renamed the "makepeace scoop". Cranberries were the heart of the economy.

Cotuit- Home of the Cotuit Oyster, a business started by Captain William Childs in 1857. They are renowned for their sweet flavor, which is attributed to the mixture of fresh and salt water in which they are grown. Cotuit oysters were shipped all over the country.

Hyannis- Fishing was the primary industry for the hub of Cape Cod. Hyannis is the largest and most central of the 7 villages. Its economy was tied to the sea in the 1800’s.

Marstons Mills- The Gristmill (fulling mill) was originally built in 1689 by Thomas Macy. In 1738, the mill was taken over by Ben Marston, processing raw wool into cloth. The village was then known as Marstons Mills.

Osterville- The Crosby” Cat Boat “ was built by the Crosby family of Osterville. Osterville is renowned for boat building. The CrosbyCat came into being around 1850 and was labeled “quick as a cat”.

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